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Delta State Contributory Health Commission (DSCHC)


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Delta State Contributory Health Commission

Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is central to the attainment of the Goal 3 [Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing of all at all ages] of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal. It includes the provision of access to quality health services while protecting citizens from financial impoverishments due to costs of ill health when they need it.
In pursuit of this goal in Delta State, the Delta State Contributory Health Commission (DSCHC) was established to improve both physical and financial access for all residents of Delta State to quality and affordable healthcare services.
Delta State Contributory Health Commission Bill was signed into law by the Governor of Delta State, Senator Dr. Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa on the 4th of February 2016.
The Bill to establish the Commission was transmitted to the Delta State House of Assembly on the 22nd June 2015. The Bill went through its first reading on the 24th June 2015, a second reading on the 12th August 2015 as well as a public hearing on the 26th August 2015. The Bill had its third reading and was passed into law by the Delta State House of Assembly on the 9th December 2015.
The Law establishes The Delta State Contributory Health Commission, The Delta State Contributory Health Scheme and other Matters Connected thereto as well as a Governing Board to will regulate, supervise, implement and ensure an effective administration of a Mandatory Delta State Contributory Health Scheme for all residents of Delta State.
The Delta State Contributory Health Scheme is a State Supported Health Insurance program of the Delta State Government.
Currently, the Commission operates three (3) healthcare plans:
1. Formal Health Plan – which covers workers in the Public Service and the Organized Private Sector.
2. Equity Health Plan – which cover vulnerable people as described in the DSCHC Law.
3. Informal Health plan – all resident individuals not captured in 1 and 2 above.
Services rendered by the Delta State Contributory Health Scheme are covered in the Benefit Package. Click here to download Benefit package
Presently, the commission is headed by the Director – General/Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Ben Nkechika.
A Baseline Assessment was carried out before commencement of operations to: –
  • Determine key household demography and health seeking behavior of Deltans to guide planning for expanded health insurance coverage.
  • Determine the current household spending on health, health insurance coverage needs and willingness to pay for health insurance in Delta State.
  • Estimate the proportion of Delta State residents in the lowest socio-economic quintiles, to guide decisions on subsidy and or exemptions from payment.
  • Assess the availability and capacity of health delivery facilities in Delta State to deliver proposed health insurance services
  • Assess the readiness of health facilities to deliver proposed services across all 25 LGAs
  • For details of the Baseline Assessment Report click link, Baseline Assessment Report.


100 Access to healthcare services
99 Equitable healthcare services
100Financial and social protection
100 Health for all deltans
  1. Implement, supervise and regulate the effective administration of the Delta State Contributory Health Scheme.
  2. Ensure that every resident of Delta State has access to equitable health care services.
  3. Ensure that all residents of Delta State have financial protection and physical access to quality and affordable health care services.
  4. Protect families from the financial hardship of huge medical bills
  5. Limit the rise in the cost of healthcare services;
  6. Ensure equitable distribution of health care costs across different income groups.
  7. Maintain high standard of health care delivery services within the Health Scheme.
  8. Ensure efficiency in health care service delivery;
  9. Improve and harness private sector participation in the provision of health care services.
  10. Ensure adequate distribution of health facilities within the State.
  11. Ensure appropriate patronage at all levels of the health care delivery system.
  12. Ensure the availability of alternative sources of funding to the health sector for improved services.
  13. In cases where residents do not have available medical and other health services, to take such measures as are necessary to plan, organize and develop medical and other health services commensurate with the needs of the residents.
  14. Any other necessary action to facilitate access for Deltans to Health care services.
DSCHC Vision

A contributory Health scheme that is, dynamic, effective and efficient with capacity to enhance and ensure a vibrant and sustainable health financing security for all residents of Delta State irrespective of their socioeconomic status.

DSCHC Mission

The DSCHC Mission is to ensure access to quality healthcare and financial protection for all residents of Delta State using a healthcare financing mechanism structured through a mandatory pooling of cost and risk with fair utilization of all available resources and private sector participation that leads to an equitable distribution of healthcare across the State for an efficient healthcare service delivery.


What is the essence of contributing?

Contributing towards healthcare prevents the burden of having to pay at the point of receiving healthcare services especially in situation of limited funds

How does the contribution work?

Contribution creates a pool of funds that can be used to utilize healthcare services when needed, spreads the financial risk and ensures sustainability. When everybody contributes, there is enough to ensure everybody gets quality healthcare service at any time they need it.

Where can I have access to these services?

Access to healthcare services will start from Public and Private Primary Healthcare Facilities as the service entry point. Health service requirements that are beyond the capacity of the Primary Healthcare facilities will be referred to Secondary and Tertiary Healthcare facilities, as required. check out the Accredited Healthcare Facilities

What about individuals that can’t make contributions?

There will be support contribution for individuals that cannot contribute e.g. vulnerable persons as described by the DSCHC law from the Federal Government through the NHIS, the State Government, International Donors and Philanthropists.

Where can you access healthcare services?

Public and Private healthcare service providers will be accredited and registered by the Commission to ensure they meet the standards required to provide quality healthcare service in Delta State.

How do you benefit at the accredited healthcare facilities?

Everybody that registers and contributes will receive an Identity Card for access at the healthcare service provider.

Upon registration how long will it take to access healthcare services?

Enrollees will be able to access healthcare services 60-90 days after confirmation of full contribution payment, to enable time for completing the registration process, avoid adverse selection and comply with other necessary requirements.

Who has responsibility for the programme?

The Delta State Contributory Health Commission will regulate, implement and monitor the Mandatory Health Scheme and its entire operations for all residents of Delta State.


How will complains be handled?

All complaints from enrollees and healthcare providers will be investigated effectively to ensure continued quality of service.


The activities of the Commission will be in line with the provisions of the Law establishing the Delta State Contributory Health Commission (DSCHC).


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To register into the informal health plan, an individual is expected to pay a premium contribution of ₦7,000 (seven thousand Naira only) for a period of one year.

You can register for the Scheme at:
The DSCHC Head Office at No. 10 DBS Road Asaba.
The DSCHC Liaison Offices at the 25 LGA Headquarters. Or from:
The Branded DSCHC Field Registration Agents,
Your Android Mobile Phone using the Google Store App “DSCHC”. Click here to download

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Delta State Contributory Health Commission,
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